A Foolproof DIY Home Improvement

Among the biggest winners of the 2012 stock market was Home Depot – up just a tad over 47%. This reflects renewed confidence in the housing recovery and the willingness of home owners to once again sink some money back into their properties in the form of home improvements.

Many of these projects are of the DIY variety such as decks, patios, or bath and kitchen upgrades.

Although most of these do it yourself projects have happy endings, many languish in a half finished state for months or are never completed. Worse yet, some end up looking like, well, I don’t want to be unkind, but we’ve all seen examples of what I’m referring to.

But who can blame a guy or gal for trying? If these do it yourself projects were so easy there wouldn’t be a need for trade schools or apprenticeships.

There is, however, one DIY home improvement that guarantees a 100% success rate no matter how skillful you are (or not) as a home handyman/woman. The foolproof home improvement I’m alluding to here is the electric fireplace.

Now I know some of you reading this probably wouldn’t put an electric fireplace in the same category of home improvement as a bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets, but before you pass judgement, consider these criteria for what qualifies as a home improvement.

A home improvement should:

1. Provide a tangible benefit: An electric fireplace provides supplemental zone heating to any room in your house for as little as 15ยข an hour. Many models are also capable of operating with the fan only for year round use and include a washable air filter.

2. Beautify your home: An electric fireplace is sure to become the focal point of any room where it is installed.

3. Retain as much value as possible: According to a recent article in Bloomberg.com titled “The Real cost of Home Improvement” the most popular upgrades recoup between 51% and 72% of their cost when the house is subsequently resold.

Since an electric fireplace is not a permanent fixture, it can be moved from home to home without incurring any additional costs and loses not of its value.

Now for the “Foolproof DIY Home Improvement” claim. Electric fireplaces do require assembly which is the DIY part. But if you can follow simple directions, and have mastered the art of the screwdriver, you’ll not only do it right the first time, your finished mantlepiece will look like you spent years studying the fine art of cabinet making.

Home Improvements Saving – Things You Can Do to Lower Your Electric Bill

With the background of poor economy, the first thing that comes into your mind is home improvement saving. Everybody is trying to save up especially on electrical bills, among other things to reduce the money expenditure. Do not worry as no matter what your budget is, there are always simple ways to lower your monthly electric bill. The following suggestions may help you out in more ways that you can even know. Try them.

First, replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Even though these light bulbs are comparatively more expensive than the old bulbs but they use less electrical energy making you save more than to make up for the cost of buying them in the first place. They use up to 75 percent less energy and will last 10 times longer than the traditional bulbs.

Next is to turn off the surge protectors. Nowadays it is very common to have several things plugged into one surge protector. The television, DVD player, computer, stereo and satellite receiver may be connected to a single surge protector. Make it a point to turn off the switch before you hit the sack. As all applications are connected to a single surge protector, flipping off the switch is easy and you’ll be amazed at how much this simple act can lower your electric bill tremendously.

Keeps the air circulating using standing fan or ceiling fan is another way for home improvement saving. These will help you to keep more money in the pocket as you refrain from using air conditioners. At the same time, you are also doing a great favor for our planet by reducing carbon emissions.

Make it a habit to clean under your refrigerator as accumulated dusts that get trapped there and in the coils at the back of your refrigerator will cause the compressor to work overtime. So take a broom and start spring cleaning earlier if it gets you to save on your home expenditure.

Last but not least, change your current old-style thermostat with the latest digital programmable thermostat. This will help to stop the air-conditioning from turning on while you are at work or when nobody is at home, thus reducing electric energy wasted. This means, you will be saving more money.